Start Blogging with Wordpress full Guide

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If you want to step into the world of blogging then this is a very good idea.  You will find many people in the internet world who have earned their name all over the world through blogging or internet. 

Start Blogging with Wordpress full Guide

Even if you are a working professional, you can still start your blogging career as part time.

First of all, ask why do you want to do blogging?  Any specific area you are interested in?  If you have knowledge about any such topic, the information of which you want to share with people, then the blogging platform can prove to be very good for you.  If you want to start blogging because of your hobbies then this is also a good step.

People start blogging for many reasons, and some of the most popular ones are:

  • Sharing the new learnings
  • Documenting your thoughts
  • Passive income and making money
  • Free gadgets and stuff for review
  • Free travel

Apart from all these reasons, there can be many other reasons, which can bring you into the world of blogging.  But whatever, if you are reading this article of ours then you definitely want to step into the world of blogging.  So let us know how you can start your blogging career.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog using theory and practice. Just a little reading and a few steps to get you started.

Before we get started, there is only one thing you need to know:

What is the name of your domain?

You can always change the domain name later if you want.

This guide will answer all the questions you have about starting a blog.

Here are the steps to start a blog:

  1. Step 1: Picking the blog topic
  2. Step 2: Select the blogging platform
  3. Step 3: Pick a domain name & hosting for your blog
  4. Step 4: Install WordPress on the blog (Tutorial is given below)
  5. Step 5: Setup the design of the blog
  6. Step 6: Install the best WordPress plugins
  7. Step 7: Write your first blog post
  8. Step 8: Share your writeup with the world
  9. Step 9: Monetize your blog
  10. Step 10: Drive traffic and gain more exposure

How to Start a Blog from the Ground Up and With No Experience

If you’re new to blogging and don’t know what you’re doing, this blog creation guide is for you. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Step 1. Select Blogging Platform

Your first question should be, “where should I start my blog?

There are a lot of blogging platforms out there and everyone has their own opinion about each one.

Most bloggers start blogging on WordPress.

Why is WordPress so popular?

It’s simple. 37% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress!

Once you’ve gone through the testing phase, you’re ready to move on to something more important.

Get a WordPress blog.

Don’t get confused with or Self-Hosted WordPress - Blog.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use WordPress blog, you’ve come to the right place.

Step 2. What is Your blogging Niche

The first step is to find your niche. By niche I mean the topic your blog will be about. I hope you’re not planning on blogging about every random topic and making money from it. In 2024, this won’t be possible and you’ll have a better chance of success if you only blog about one topic. You may think you’re a “jack of all trades” and want to run a blog on different topics, but that won’t do you any good because people subscribe to blogs, which are authoritative on a specific topic. In addition, Google, which is the largest search engine, prefers a website built on one topic. For instance, the topic of BigBloggerTips is ‘blogging’.

So, how do I find my topic?

So, here’s the big question: How do I find out what my blog is about?

Here are a few pointers to get you started:
  • Identify a topic you excel at. It doesn't have to be about your work. It could be about anything. Think of the topic you enjoy talking about the most, and you’re good to chat for hours.
  • The best thing to do is to choose a subject that you read about regularly. The subject you read about every day is the subject that interests you.
  • Make sure you’re passionate about the subject matter and can provide value through your personal perspective.
  • For beginners, I always encourage you to use pen-paper and write down the topics in the different columns that you enjoy. For example, motivation, fashion, technology, finance, photography, scientific research, baby care, health care, etc. Now, try writing 5 post ideas for each of these columns. When you write the post title, consider what you could write without reference.
One of the most important things to do before starting a blog is to choose a topic that interests you the most. This will help you avoid burnout when your blog is launched. If you choose a topic that you enjoy talking about and writing about, you will never have a burnout period. So, I'm assuming you've chosen a niche for your blog that can help you make money.

In conclusion, the first and most crucial step in starting a blog is choosing the right niche.

Step 3. Pick Your Domain or Blog Name

The first question that will come to your mind is what is a domain name?  While starting blogging career, the biggest problem people face is regarding blogging name.  Let us know below what is a domain name?

A domain name is the name of your website. It’s what people type in their browser’s search bar to access your website directly. A domain is unique and can’t be shared across multiple sites. For example,

Every website is identified by an IP address, which is a collection of unique numbers. Your computer connects to the server where your website data is stored. When visitors type a domain name into their search bar, a request is sent to a set of DNS servers. The DNS responds with the hosting server’s IP address, making your website accessible.

Domain names were created because an IP address is too complex to remember, so for internet users to be able to access your website, you need to give it a name.

When it comes to choosing a domain name, I usually follow 4 rules:

👉 Make it easy to remember
👉 Type it out easily
👉 Make it pronounceable
👉 Make it brandable

What is a domain name?

Domain names are the URL of your blog that a visitor will access to open your blog. For example, a domain name for a blog is a URL that a visitor can use to open your blog, such as a URL for a blog called "".

If you want to buy a custom domain name for your blog, you'll need to pay $10 per year.

However, I'm going to share a trick below that will save you this $10.

Here are some tips that I've picked up from my experience to help you choose the best domain name for your next blog:

  • First and foremost, you want to make sure that your domain name 
  • You want your domain name to be easy to read and understand. 
  • Don’t let your domain name confuse the audience.
You can check the availability of your domain name using Godaddy’s domain suggestion feature. You can enter any word you have chosen for your blog, and Bluehost will also display available domain name suggestions for you.

The name of your blog is one of the most important things for me. You can have a domain under your own name. This is great for personal portfolio, or if you’re planning to make a brand out of your blog.

But I would rather have a generic name. This way, in the future, I can have people running my blog, and I can benefit from the advantages of being a solo entrepreneur.

My advice is to think outside the box and stick to the four rules I mentioned above. Here are some things you shouldn't do when choosing your new blog domain name:

👉 Avoid using a domain name that is more than 15 characters long. For example, the domain name “BigBloggertips” should be kept under 15 characters.
👉 Avoid using domain extensions such as “info,” “net,” and “etc.” These extensions rank poorly in Search engines, so I always recommend and recommend using a domain name like “com” or “org” instead.

Step 4. Choose A hosting provider

Let’s get started with building our blog. We’ll need to install WordPress on a Web-hosting server. This server will be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All your future blog pictures, blog design, and everything else will be hosted on this server.

This is a great way to keep your website running 24/7. It’s also a great way to save money. There are many hosting service providers out there, but GoDaddy is the best option for your blog. They offer everything you need for creating a blog, including features like:

  • Get free SSL
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited storage
  • free domain name (save $12/year)
  • easy to use cPanel
  • live chat support, 30 days money back guarantee.
If you want to create a single blog, choose the Basic plan. If you want to create multiple blogs, choose the Deluxe and Ultimate Plan.
GoDaddy Hosting Plan

The next page is where you can register your free domain. If you haven’t registered your domain yet, click on the Choose later button.

Buy GoDaddy Hosting

Fill out your contact details on the next page. Pay particular attention to package extras, as you may be able to skip a few to save money.
In addition to Domain Privacy Protection, you can also uncheck everything. Below the payment details, you can pay with credit/debit cards or you can pay with PayPal by clicking on More payment options.

Once you pay, your blog will also be created by GoDaddy in less than 10 minutes. GoDaddy will automatically create your blog for you. This saves you a lot of trouble if you are a beginner who just wants a pre-made blog.

Step 5. Set up your blog

Through GoDaddy, creating a WordPress blog is quite easy.  You can install it very easily.  After installing your WordPress blog on the server.  You may need to make some settings on your WordPress dashboard.  For this you can read by clicking on our article given below.

Step 6. Design Your Blog

Your blogging platform?✔️
Your niche?✔️
Your domain name?✔️

Your first impression is the most important part of your blog. After all, your readers will remember you for the rest of their lives. Think of your blog design as your outfit.
WordPress has a concept called "WordPress themes". These are pre-made designs for all kinds of blogs.

There are a lot of free and premium WordPress themes available. I always recommend premium themes because you get all the support, a starter guide, and a high-quality design for your WordPress blog.

Below are some easy to use modern WordPress theme clubs that I suggest you get started with.
  • Astra is a light-weight theme that provides the template for all types of blogs. After installation, you can choose from the pre-made template, and your new blog design will be up and running in 30 to 45 minutes. This theme is a great companion for your new WordPress blog.
  • Genesis theme framework is one of the top theme frameworks in the market. I use it for You will need to purchase the theme and skin to use it.
There are many other premium WordPress theme clubs available, but these two are my go-to for a professional WordPress theme club.


Now that we've gone over most of what you need to know about installing WordPress, let's move on to publishing content that solves the problems of your readers and makes you stand out from the crowd.

If you're new to blogging, take a look at our guide on Building a Successful WordPress Blog for Beginners.

Keep in mind that blogging is not a goal, it's a journey. You'll never finish your content publishing or optimization tasks, and that's what makes blogging so much fun!

Start Customizing and Designing your WordPress Blog!

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